Valheim repair explained and how to repair your tools

The Valheim repair system is very easy once you know how to find it. Finding it is tricky though, and you certainly wouldn’t be the first to overlook it. If you’re tired of crafting new items instead of repairing them all the time, here’s how to use the Valheim repair system.

A hint: the repair mechanics are linked to the crafting stations. So if you haven’t built your first workbench in Valheim yet, you might want to have a look at our Valheim workbench guide first. 

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How to repair tools in Valheim

Valheim repair

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Once you have your workbench placed and a roof over your head, you can start repairing your broken tools. Interact with the workbench and on the right-hand side – if you have broken tools – there’ll be a hammer icon highlighted. Click on it and it will repair one of your tools. Click it again and it’ll repair another, and so on. It will go through all of your tools until they’re all repaired.

The best thing about repairing tools in Valheim is that it costs absolutely nothing! Repairing tools is free, so you can do it as much as you like without worrying about spending resources.

How to repair buildings in Valheim

Valheim repair

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If you have damaged building parts, you can repair them too. Equip the hammer, then open the build menu and make sure the wooden hammer icon is selected, marked as “repair”. Now you can tend to any parts that have taken damage by left-clicking on them. You can see which ones are damaged because hovering over them displays a health bar. Once again, repairing building parts doesn’t cost any resources whatsoever, so you can fix your entire base for free.

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