Vampire survival game from Battlerite devs tops Steams best-sellers charts

V Rising, a vampire survival game from the developer of top-down MOBA Battlerite is topping the Steam charts.

V Rising launched into early access yesterday on PC, exclusively through Steam (opens in new tab). “Awaken as a vampire. Hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain your strength and evade the scorching sun to survive,” the game’s store description reads. “Raise your castle and thrive in an ever-changing open world full of mystery. Gain allies online and conquer the land of the living.”

As it turns out, there are a great deal many allies currently drifting to V Rising, as the game has actually topped the Steam ‘Top Sellers’ chart less than 24 hours after launching. It’s beaten out the likes of the newly-launched Arma Reforger and fellow breakout indie hit Little Witch in the Woods, as well as the Steam Deck, to claim pole position among the best-selling list.

The game is so new, in fact, that at the time of writing it’s impossible to tell how many people are concurrently playing it, because V Rising simply hasn’t been live for long enough. It’s safe to say though that the game is already something of a hit, as overall player reviews for V Rising sit at “Very Positive” with over 2,000 logged, with one player writing “Valheim if Valheim was goth.”

Sounds like a cracking time. If you’re wondering where the Founder’s Pack is, and when it’ll be available for purchase, then you shouldn’t be waiting long. Just yesterday, the official V Rising Twitter account (opens in new tab) replied to a user asking that question, and stated that they’re “working on it.” Considering the smash-hit success nature of V Rising, we’d say the development team probably have a lot on their hands right about now. 

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