The best Warzone M1916 loadouts

The best Warzone M1916 loadouts add a serious kick to an already good gun with this new marksman rifle. This fast firing, semi auto rifle unlocks at level 15 of the Battle Pass and has some great range, a massive 20 round magazine and a two shot kill guaranteed up to some lengthy distances. If you’re a mid-to-long range Call of Duty Warzone player who likes to hang back and land measured, controlled shots on unsuspecting opponents, this is a great gun to try out. 

The damage range, power, and firing speed of the M1916 in Warzone and Vanguard mean you can pretty much slap an optic on and be done. It’s a pretty stable weapon and we’ve honestly wielded it very well with just an added sight, but with a few more attachments it’s a very capable ranged option. 

However, the M1916 also has a twist in the shape of a full auto conversion, making it a usable if not outstanding assault rifle option. Let’s take a look at both M1916 loadout options in Warzone and Vanguard.

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Best Warzone M1916 marksman rifle loadout

Warzone M1916: Marksman Rifle vanguard

(Image credit: Activision )
  • Muzzle – MX Silencer
  • Barrel – ZP 762 Precision
  • Optic – SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x
  • Stock – Fitzherbert Reinforced
  • Rear Grip – Leather Grip
  • Ammo Type – Lengthened
  • Underbarrel – Heavy Foregrip
  • Proficiency – Awareness
  • Kit – Deep breath

Because the Warzone M1916 is all about landing fast double taps at range, this loadout is tailored to quick stability. The MX Silencer boosts accuracy while obviously keeping you hidden, and the ZP 762 Precision barrel further improves accuracy, as well as bullet velocity and speed. Similarly, the Fitzherbert Reinforced stock boost stability, accuracy and recoil while giving you a little flinch resistance as well. However, the stock does reduce the aim down sight speed, hence the Polymer rear grip which buffs that to counter it. Finally, the Heavy Foregrip raises stability, recoil and walking steadiness. 

The lengthened rounds increase the bullet velocity which is always useful at range and we’ve not chosen any mag  type – the default 20 option is good enough and quick to reload, so it’s worth sticking with that over any cons that come with alternate options.  We’ve gone with the SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x for some variable ranges but you can add in whatever scope you like depending on the distance you prefer. Just remember that two shot kill doesn’t reach to the gun’s full range, so maybe don’t go too far. 

The Awareness proficiency will let you see enemy nameplates further away to find targets, while the Deep Breath kit is just there for options if you’re lining up a far shot. 

Best Warzone M1916 full auto loadout

Warzone M1916: Marksman Rifle vangaurd

(Image credit: Activision )
  • Muzzle – G28 Compensator
  • Barrel – Wyvern 532mm Full-Auto
  • Optic – Saturn 1.35 Lens
  • Stock – Fitzherbert Reinforced or Removed Stock
  • Magazine – 8mm Klauser 40 Round
  • Ammo Type – Hollow Point
  • Underbarrel – Heavy Foregrip
  • Proficiency – Vital
  • Kit – Fully Loaded

While the M1916 Marksman full auto option might seem odd, it’s a decent enough assault rifle if you want to try it out. It all obviously hangs on the Wyvern 532mm Full-Auto barrel conversion, which increases recoil control and aim down sight speed to help deal with the increased, fully automatic fire rate. Because this is less of a stealthy option we’ve added on the G28 Compensator to further bring the recoil in. We’ve stuck with the Heavy Foregrip and Fitzherbert Reinforced stock for general accuracy and recoil improvements, although if movement is more important to you, you can swap in the Removed Stock for great mobility at the expense of accuracy and recoil control. 

The one big change we’ve gone for here are those 8mm Klauser 40 Round magazine. This has a decent fire rate so the extra ammo helps keep you shooting for longer. Something we’ve buffed further with the fully loaded Kit for an extra mag. The Vital proficiency just increases the critical hit area which should help all those bullets find a target.  

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