How to get Mechagodzilla in Warzone

For a short time, the process of how to get Mechagodzilla in Warzone proved elusive for players trying to pick up this particular Tracer Pack. As the third Store bundle released to coincide with the Warzone Operation Monarch event, those who planned to join the Monsterverse as Warzone Mechagodzilla with new skins, weapons, and other customization items were left wanting, as initially only the Kong and Godzilla packs could be found in Call of Duty Warzone without embarking on an expensive work-around. However, this issue has now been resolved, so if you need to know how to buy Mechagodzilla in Warzone then this transaction has become much simpler.

How to buy Mechagodzilla in Warzone

How to get Warzone Mechagodzilla

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Initially there was an issue where only the Kong and Godzilla Tracer Packs were available for individual purchase through the Store tab, which was causing players to look into an expensive workaround for how to get Mechagodzilla in Warzone. Thankfully that’s no longer required, as the Warzone Mechagodzilla pack in now live on the Store in its separate form, so you can buy it directly for 2,400 COD Points without any fuss or additional purchases required.

How to get Mechagodzilla in Warzone

(Image credit: Activision)

Previously, the only way to get Mechagodzilla in Warzone was to head to the Operation Monarch tab, where you’ll see an offer to “Buy Multiple Bundles, Earn Rewards” you can view. If you follow that prompt you can buy the Godzilla pack, which will then take you to the screen for the Kong pack, and if you purchase that too then the option will appear to buy Mechagodzilla in Warzone. Bear in mind that each of these packs costs 2,400 COD Points, meaning you’ll need to drop the equivalent of around $60 / £50 to purchase all three which is a significant investment for cosmetic items.

To clarify, the ‘multiple bundles rewards’ referred to are an exclusive Godzilla v Kong Weapon Sticker and “Superspecies” Player Title for purchasing two bundles, and an exclusive Legendary Owen Gun Blueprint for buying all three. Now that the Warzone Mechagodzilla is available separately, there’s no need to make these multiple purchases, unless of course you want to own more than one pack and claim those additional rewards.

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