Warzone Operation Monarch start time and event update

You might be wondering when the Warzone Operation Monarch event start time is, which sees Godzilla and Kong appear on Caldera. The limited-time mode Warzone Operation Monarch event is arriving very soon, letting you get up close and personal with these monsters – although you probably won’t survive for very long if you get too close. We’ve got all the Warzone Operation Monarch event information, including what time it starts and when it ends.

When is the Warzone Operation Monarch event?

Warzone Pacific season 3 operation monarch event godzilla firing heat ray

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The Warzone Operation Monarch event start time is 9am PST/12pm EST/5PM BST/6PM CEST on Wednesday, May 11

You’ll likely need to install an update, so make sure you’re ready at the correct time to get that installed so that you can hop into the Warzone event as soon as possible. You can claim some Warzone Godzilla and King Kong Calling cards right now while you wait. 

Operation Monarch runs for two weeks and will end on Wednesday May 25 also probably around 9am PST, so your time to fight Godzilla and Kong is quite limited.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 has been largely themed around the unearthing of some monstrous fossils on Caldera. There have been a lot of Warzone Season 3 map changes and even a new Dig Site POI where the giant bones are most visible, but this event brings the real deals to Caldera. The event is introducing a new limited-time mode called Operation Monarch which sees Godzilla and Kong battle on Caldera, causing havoc across the map and potentially killing any Operators that are unfortunate enough to get in the way.

The mode is for 60 players in teams of four and includes new Monarch Intel found in crates and supplies. Collect them to fill up your meter which will award you with a SCREAM Device, which allows you to unleash a Godzilla heat ray or Kong ground pound on a place of your choosing. There are also Titan Frenzies – instances of either Kong or Godzilla becoming enraged and attacking wildly – in this mode. You can either escape the attack areas to stay safe or deal as much damage as you can to the frenzied monster. If your squad deals the most damage to the Titan, you’ll automatically get yourself a SCREAM Device as a reward.

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