Warzones new map lets you summon a loot-filled zombie when you press F to pay respects

Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Fortune’s Keep map, which was added as part of the big season 4 update this week, has an Easter egg that lets you summon a loot-filled zombie when you “pay respect” to an old meme.

As detailed in a video from TheGamingRevolution, there’s a little ritual you need to perform to summon Warzone’s new meme zombie. If you find a few seconds of peace in-between making mince meat out of operators with the newly buffed NZ-41 rifle, you can light five candles around the graveyard area of the Fortune’s Keep map. That’ll unlock a prompt at a specific headstone that lets you “press F (or whatever your controller’s equivalent is) to pay respects.” This is, of course, a reference to a popular meme (opens in new tab) spawned by an awkward scene in 2014’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

A few seconds later, a zombie will appear in front of the gravestone rocking a familiar T pose from Black Ops Cold War’s season 2 Outbreak event. Shoot the zombie dead and you’ll bag yourself some self-revive kits and cash.

Warzone season 4 is now live at long last with the aforementioned Fortune’s Keep map, big changes to Caldera, a new game mode, event, battle pass, and plenty more. The battle royale’s new season launched alongside a Vanguard season packing a bunch of new Zombies content, a new multiplayer map, and the re-debut of the fan-favorite mode Gun Game. 

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