Werewolf PI Strummer and her mythological misfits return with Blacks Myth sequel

The 2021 series Black’s Myth (opens in new tab) introduced fans to the werewolf private investigator Janie Jones ‘Strummer’ Mercado and her djinn assistant Ben Si’lat, and the response has been positive enough that a second Black’s Myth series is underway.

Black's Myth #5 cover

Black’s Myth #5 cover (Image credit: Liana Kangas (Vault Comics))

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“Our first story belonged to Strummer and Ben, but we called the book Black’s Myth for a reason, and we have so much more of Rainsford Black’s story to reveal,” Black’s Myth writer/co-creator Eric Palicki tells Newsarama. “What compels him to hunt (and collect) monsters, and what kind of case could possibly bring Strummer back into his orbit? Volume 2 promises answers, along with the return of everyone’s favorite Minotaur.” 

Black’s Myth was created by Palicki and artist Wendell Cavalcanti, and ran as a five-issue series from AHOY Comics in 2021. After the inaugural story’s investigation of the use of silver bullets in supernatural murders, Strummer and Si’lat are hired to find the abducted son of the aforementioned monster hunter Rainsford Black, who has gone missing while searching for a 17th-century grimoire said to allow the holder to summon demons.

“Werewolf, Djinn, vampires, Minotaur, Los Angeles, the Dodge Charger, and Grim — attaboy! I missed you guys. Here we go again!” says Cavalcanti.

Black's Myth collection cover

Black’s Myth collection cover (Image credit: Liana Kangas (Vault Comics))

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Palicki and Cavalcanti are returning for the second volume of Black’s Myth, along with cover artist Liana Kangas. 

“I am beyond thrilled to give the people what they want: the further adventures of Strummer and her band of mythological misfits,” says Black’s Myth editor Sarah Litt. “The reception to the first book blew us all away and I believe the second series will be even better. The entire team is returning and I am delighted to be working with them again — truly some of the most talented people in comics.”

A collection of the first Black’s Myth limited series goes on sale on February 15, complete with a new foreword by writer John Layman. The second volume of Black’s Myth is scheduled to debut later in 2022.

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