What is MTG Double Masters 2022, and is it worth buying?

A new Magic: The Gathering set is on the horizon, but should you consider buying Double Masters 2022? Is it a good entry-point for beginners, or will they be lost trying to figure it out? And just what makes it different to normal MTG, anyway? 

To help you decide whether Double Masters 2022 is worth your time, we’ve rounded up all the details you need to know here. That includes whether it’s a solid introduction to one of the best card games on shelves right now, what you’re getting for your money, and how it compares to standard Magic: The Gathering.

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Where to buy Double Masters 2022

Double Masters 2022 foil card

(Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

It’s a chance to revisit some old favorites

The pulls you get aren’t limited to Double Masters either. Powerful and legendary cards can be called upon for your Commander or Eternal decks, so there’s a degree of flexibility for players that want maximum bang for buck.

As for everyone else, the nostalgia on offer should help you avoid buyer’s remorse. We’ve not seen some of these cards since the late 2000s, so the set will be a hit with many long-time fans – it’s a chance to revisit some old favorites. Want to see a couple of them? Check out our exclusive Double Masters 2022 preview.

In terms of what’s available in the Double Masters 2022 range, you can choose between the three-booster draft pack, collector boosters, and a draft booster box with 24 packs to its name.

Should you buy Double Masters 2022?

Double Masters 2022 card examples

Cards from across MTG’s history are making their return in Double Masters 2022, so it’s a good fit for collectors (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

You’ll get the most out of Double Masters 2022 if you fall into one of three camps: you play competitively, you’re a collector, or you have a regular MTG group. For starters, it resurrects cards from the last several years of Magic history with new, premium designs. Secondly, there are no pre-built decks – the range is made up exclusively of draft booster packs. In other words? It’s designed for players who’ve been around the MTG block a few times. 

With that in mind, it’s probably worth sitting this one out if you’re a beginner. There are cheaper, easier ways of getting into Magic than Double Masters 2022, so we’d recommend holding off until something like Dominaria United comes out this September 9 if you want to get into MTG.

Double Masters 2022 deals

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