Which OLED TV should you buy this Prime Day?

A few years ago, just before the new-gen consoles arrived, it really did feel like we’d turned over into a new level and quality of television tech and screen quality that was largely driven by LG’s OLED panels. The super-deep blacks and wonderful colors and contrasts, along with a whole host of other modern TV-tech features, meant that OLED TVs were – and still are – the peak of home display tech for many. And that makes sales events like the upcoming Prime Day TV deals incredibly important and noteworthy occasions. After all, everyone wants the best tech they can get, and Prime Day offers a superb mid-year opportunity to get that but in an even better scenario – by simultaneously saving money.

Anyway, more folks than ever are looking to upgrade wholesale to an OLED panel, or to get the latest one almost every year (such is their quality). And that quality is extremely high – it’s no wonder so many of them grace the internet’s best gaming TV, and best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X guides, including ours.

The choice is potentially harder than ever

And before one assumes it’s all about LG here – it’s not. The other mega player in this field is Sony of course, and there are also manufacturers in specific regions (Panasonic in the UK, VIZIO in the USA, for example) that offer OLED options to individual geographies. And with 2022 bringing with it the advent of QD-OLED screens, even Samsung is getting in on the action with its first-ever OLED TV.

These manufacturers will be the go-to brands for this year’s Amazon Prime TV sales, but each will then offer multiple lines, giving us even more choice of how to spend our hard-earned money. As a result, the choice is potentially harder than ever, and trying to work out whether you should, and which OLED TV you should buy this Prime Day is a big question that we’re here to try and help guide you through, looking at broad price categories, and the new tech on the block too.

Which OLED TV should you buy on Prime Day?


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Top-tier, premium OLED TVs are always in the thick of the action when it comes to TV sales events like Prime Day, and this will be no different. Even though at the best and most normal of times, they never stick to their MSRPs, we do genuinely get the lowest-ever prices at this time of year, and on these models.

For starters, obviously, the LG screens are going to demand a lot of attention this year. 2021’s flagship models, the LG C1 and LG G1, both came down to record low prices last Prime Day time, and we expect these to be even more aggressive a year further down the line – we’ve seen some of the sizes in those ranges come down to absolutely belting lowest-ever prices and new records this summer already. 

As a result of that, if you have been looking at the very latest models, like the LG C2, then we think it’s not a bad shout to expect lowest ever prices – in fact, some sizes in these are already at record lows, so you could even, with good cause and clear consciences, choose to pull the trigger now. The corresponding top-tier Sony model, the A90K, is not out yet so is only available to pre-order at its MSRP – however, if you’re OK with the Sony premium (which is admittedly slightly less this time around) then you can still nail one of these down this summer.

Elsewhere, it’d be worth keeping an eye on Sony’s ‘J’ models from last year – the A90J, in particular. This too was at a record low last Prime Day and it too is currently down to a record low at Amazon right now.

We really hope that some of these premium bad boys will get further price cuts so as to knock them down to the prices of the mid-rangers (see below) but that is not necessarily something to rely on happening. These are the most premium panels after all. And all Sony TVs hold higher price tags to begin with so that becomes a factor here too.

Should you buy a top-tier OLED TV this Prime Day?

In summary, this top-tier end of the spectrum will definitely see some price hacking, and discounting action this Prime Day. If the price is right – and we are seeing lots of lowest-ever prices in this range – then yes, absolutely go for a top-tier one if your budget allows.

Below, you can see the latest lowest prices on such premium models wherever you are in the world – you never know, there might be one worth jumping in now and before Prime Day…

Which OLED TV should you buy on Prime Day?

LG A1 OLED TV deal

(Image credit: LG)

If your budget doesn’t go quite as high as those premium panels, then there’s definitely going to be something for you from Sony and LG (as the main players) in the mid-level area of OLED TVs.

One of the most popular models in the mid-ranges is LG’s A1 model – it’s quite close to the C1 model from last year and still offers excellent OLED images and experiences. The great news is that we’ve already seen this model and line slip down to record lows even before the Prime Day sales kick in. And the same goes for Sony’s A80J range too. And while the Sony X90J isn’t quite at its lowest-ever price right now, it does continue the trend of having a record low on last year’s Prime Day. So, chances are, once again, looking good.

This is a perennial trend, of course, as looking at the previous year’s models can always save you money. However, it feels more pertinent and viable than ever as the evolutionary differences between comparable models in the past 2 or 3 years are increasingly slight. The difference, factoring in the price tags, between last year’s LGs, Sonys, and others, compared to this year’s, is negligible. This strengthens the case for looking at those better value, 12-month-old models rather than splashing the cash on the most recent lines.

So, somewhat predictably, the mid-range models and lines are, naturally, dominated by the usual names again in LG and Sony, but don’t forget your region-locked or region-specific brands and models. US shoppers should definitely keep an eye on VIZIOs OLED models, while UK and European (and maybe Australian) folks can also keep the likes of Panasonic and Phillips to hand as viable options too.

It is these mid-tier ones that could, and perhaps should, come right down in price and almost change price category completely to become that of an entry-level or ‘budget-level’ OLED TV and thus represent a super bargain.

Should you buy a mid-range OLED TV this Prime Day?

This area could be where we see the best bang-for-buck value, so if your budget falls into this range with $1,000 as a max, then you could be in for some fun this year. The LG A1 for example is already at its lowest ever price at time of writing (Friday 7th July), and as it’s the most-filled area of the OLED market (broadly speaking) there should be more choice and thus more competition that may end up in prices being driven down further.

If maximising value is your goal, and you’re not that concerned with chasing the absolute top-tier features and benefits, then the mid-range could be the place to shop this Prime Day. Check out the latest and lowest prices below for some reference points – and possibly some cracking early deals.

Which OLED TV should you buy on Prime Day?


(Image credit: Sony)

The new kids on the block are tearing things up in reviews and ratings, and reception from users right now (look out for our reviews soon) is proving that the QD-OLED movement which has just begun in home TVs could be the next evolution for OLED tech – and, frankly, one that leaves it behind

We saw this screen tech ourselves in the Alienware AW3423DW curved gaming monitor which received a perfect score from Jeremy Laird, our monitor expert. (And this might well feature in this year’s Prime Day monitor deals, by the way.) However, the tech in consumer televisions has also gone down a storm. It’s still new but there are two main players out in the wild now: the Sony A95K and the Samsung S95B. Both are impressing, and seem to offer the best of both LEDs (or QLEDs in Samsung’s case) and OLED tech – the dream, I know.

However, cutting to it for this year’s Prime Day, we reckon that these are going to be for the purists and for those chasing only the very best this summer. The Sony A95K has been in and out of stock since it arrived on the scene, which is rather frustrating, however, this is likely to stay in a pre-order phase and just hold on to its MSRP for now – Sony doesn’t really cut the price of its screens, especially flagship models, for a good while. But, if you see it and want the best of the best, then this Sony really does do quite lot to justify that premium.

The Samsung S95B however could be one to keep a close eye on this Prime Day as well: Samsung is always quick to undercut its own MSRPs, and does so almost immediately with new models and series. And that’s already (and currently!) the case with there being $200 off the 55-inch model at all the major retailers, and $400 off the 65-incher’s MSRP. The 55-inch model has even dipped down to $1,799 this month so we’d put a decent wedge on that occurring again during the Prime Day deals. (Though this is not a certainty, as always.)

Should you buy a QD-OLED TV this Prime Day?

If you are someone that chases those models that are truly at the peak of TV tech, and want the very best for your games, movies, entertainment, and sports, then you may just find a great QD-OLED in the Prime Day deals. 

However, the caveat and honest advice is that you’ll find it hard to get a discount on the A95K this close to its launch (Black Friday might be a better shout for this), but the Samsung S95B could well return to its lowest ever price, at which point it’d be mighty tempting to pull the trigger.

So, if you are interested in these models that demonstrate the next generation of OLED TVs, then our automated price and stock-finding moles below should bring up and display the latest lowest prices on both these screens if they are out in the wild to be had.

It’s not all about TVs this Prime Day, so be sure to check out the Prime Day PS5 deals and the Prime Day Xbox deals for some core gaming deals this summer.

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