Winds of Numa Sera aims to be the next Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones

The epic medieval fantasy comic Winds of Numa Sera is finally being released to the general public, as the creators behind the successful crowdfunding campaign (opens in new tab) for the book have partnered with Dark Horse Comics for a collected edition of the series previously only available to its Kickstarter backers.

Winds of Numa Sera

Winds of Numa Sera (Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

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Sent in the fantasy world of Ethera, this graphic novel centers around the empire of Numa Sera after its long-reigning emperor dies unexpectedly, leaving the crown up for grabs. His only child Lelia has a claim to the throne, but her inheritance of it comes with uncertainty for an untested, let alone young, leader. And in that uncertainty, forces inside Numa Sera – and nations on the outside – see an opportunity to take over the empire for themselves.

“Winds of Numa Sera is the biggest creative endeavor that we have taken on as creators to date,” co-creator/writer Morgan Rosenblum tells Newsarama. “The level of detail that went into the world-building and character development for this story is on the level of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. And yes, we fully realize the gravity of that statement.”

Winds of Sera is created by Rosenblum and co-writer Jonny Handler, with art by Eduard Petrovich, Filipe Andrade, Eduardo Mello, and Alessio Moroni. Valentine Taddeo colored the series, joined with lettering by Ismail Nihad. 

“We didn’t write this book to be average or just okay. We’re going for an Eisner with this one. And we really believe this book will be in consideration for one once it’s out,” Rosenblum continues. “We’ve crafted these characters to be flawed and relatable – familiar but also unique.”

Winds of Numa Sera poster

Winds of Numa Sera poster (Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

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Winds of Numa Sera follows the child empress Lelia, as well as three others – a warrior named Sjorsja, A baron’s daughter named Kelesandra, and lastly, Krill – a stable boy on the run from the law due to a crime he didn’t commit.

“It’s all in the planning. We mapped out an extensive series bible that spans four volumes, before we ever started writing a script. We imagined new races, and even created a new religion with its own bible,” says Rosenblum. “We went all in for this series, including deep into our own pockets. We hired the top concept artists to design all of the castles, environments, characters, and house sigils. Every single person that worked on this book (and there are a lot) brought their A game, and it shows.”

Dark Horse’s Winds of Numa Sera collection goes on sale June 7 in bookstores, and on June 4 in comic shops and digital platforms.

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