Wolfenstein developer working on an unannounced game alongside Indiana Jones

Wolfenstein developer MachineGames appears to be working on an unannounced game aside from their Indiana Jones project.

Just earlier this week, the LinkedIn profile of senior game designer Teemu Kivikangas was updated with the information seen just below. The new job listing from the MachineGames senior game designer reveals that there’s an unannounced “project” in the works at the studio, alongside the Indiana Jones game.


(Image credit: LinkedIn)

This comes as a slight surprise, considering the assumption that MachineGames would be all hands on deck for the development of the Indiana Jones game. If they’ve got the bandwidth for developing two games at the same time, however, that’s nothing but good news, as the studio has put out some absolute bangers over the past few years in the Wolfenstein reboot series.

Right now, we obviously know absolutely nothing about this unannounced project in development at MachineGames. In fact, we don’t really know that much more about the Indiana Jones game, as it was only just revealed earlier this year in January through a very brief teaser trailer, which merely panned over a desk with a bunch of documents and books strewn around. 

Later on, Bethesda’s Pete Hines confirmed that the game was in the “very, very, very” early stages of development. Considering the early nature of the reveal trailer, and the comments from Hines, it appears we’ll be waiting for quite a long time before we see anything more from this project.

Head over to our guide on decoding the clues in the Indiana Jones game teaser for where we think the new venture from MachineGames could be headed.

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