Xbox Series X games are now playable on Xbox One for certain Xbox Insiders

Microsoft is trialing a new cloud gaming feature that will allow Xbox One players to stream Xbox Series X games to their console. 

Detailed in the latest Xbox Insider – Alpha Skip-Ahead – Release Notes (opens in new tab) blog post, Xbox Insiders who are part of the ‘Alpha Skip-Ahead’ preview ring can now play Xbox Series X/S titles on their Xbox One via cloud gaming. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t available to every Xbox One owner, or even every Xbox Insider. The Alpha Skip-Ahead is a tier in the ‘Xbox Update Preview’ program that is currently invite-only and gives some players exclusive access to preview builds of future Xbox OS releases to provide feedback before they are rolled out to the public. 

Let’s hope that this limited rollout is successful so that those who haven’t had the chance to upgrade to the Xbox Series X yet can still get their hands on its exclusive games such as the upcoming Redfall and Starfield. 

This update doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering it was recently revealed that Xbox’s cloud gaming service is now powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware. This means that Xbox games streamed via the online service will now experience better frame rates and load times. 

The update also introduces a new console live streaming feature which will allow those same Xbox Insiders to stream straight to Twitch from their console. After being linked to a Twitch account, players will be able to broadcast directly to the streaming site which will only display gameplay – meaning you’re still free to switch tabs without the fear of exposing the rest of their Xbox dashboard to your viewers.

To get even more excited about the future of Xbox, take a look at our upcoming Xbox Series X games list. 

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