Xbox Series X 500 GB storage expansion card spotted on French retailer

A smaller Xbox Series X and S expansion card may open up the console’s storage options soon.

Xbox Squad (opens in new tab), a French Xbox news site, says it caught word of a new official expansion card on the way (as spotted by VGC (opens in new tab)) and it even shared an image of a store listing for the new card on French gaming retailer Micromania. The image lists the price of the 500 GB card as €154.99 (roughly $180 or £130) and says its release date is set for November 14, 2021.

Those converted prices aren’t a whole lot less than the standard 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which currently sells for $220 / £220 as its standard price. However, it’s worth remembering that manufacturer prices often vary quite a bit between regions even beyond accounting for their currencies.

More options for storage expansion cards is a good thing, because right now they’re the only way you can make more room for Xbox Series X games on your console without needing to archive them on an external drive. You can play previous generation Xbox games straight from a standard external drive if you prefer, but new-gen Xbox games require faster storage to function.

Assuming this 500GB drive is legitimate, hopefully that means Microsoft and its partners are working on bigger storage options too – you can never have too many games installed at once.

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