Xbox will give more love to 360 gamerpics by letting you easily pick your old one

If you’ve ever wished you could return to the halcyon days represented by your Xbox 360 gamerpic, well, time doesn’t work that way. But Xbox engineers do!

Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie, the same Microsoft employee who previously saved Xbox 360 gamerpics from their eternally shrinking fates, has now implemented an easy way for Xbox players to revert to their properly sized avatars of yesteryear. If you’re a member of the Xbox Alpha Skip Ahead testing program, check your “change gamerpic” screen and you should see the new option next to your current selection. Or rather, the very old option.

Hey all, I know a bunch of you were asking for a way to go back to your Xbox 360 gamerpic. Exploration Time to the rescue!If you’re an Alpha Skip Ahead Insider, you may need to reboot your console, but starting today you’ll find a new option in your “change gamerpic” screen. 21, 2021

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If you aren’t in the testing program, you’ll need to wait for this new feature to roll out later on via a public console update (assuming the tests don’t catch any issues which will require it to be held back longer). This might go without saying, but you’ll also need to have had an Xbox 360 gamerpic on the same Xbox account for the option to show up. Good news for folks who still have one plugged in, though, as any avatar changes you make on an Xbox 360 will automatically carry over with the update in effect.

Console updates like these may not be massive, but they go a long way toward showing that Microsoft really wants to keep longtime Xbox fans happy as its latest console generation settles in.

Meanwhile, if you still need to get a new console before you start revisiting gamerpic glory, make sure you stay tuned to our guide to Xbox Series X restocks

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