You can get the Stranger Things Hellfire Club t-shirt for yourself, and its awesome

It goes without saying that the Hellfire Club t-shirt from season 4 of Stranger Things is freakin’ awesome. Besides being cooler than anything we could have come up with as teenagers (seriously, props to Eddie Munson and his design skills), it’s a great mascot for the gang’s D&D group. And in a cool twist, you can actually get this tee for yourself. If you know where to look, anyway.

That’s our cue. We’ve been busy hunting down offers on this tee ever since Vol. 1 hit our screens, and that means you’ll find the best deals here. Want a basic Hellfire Club t-shirt with the logo on the front, for example? Amazon’s selling it in a variety of sizes for $22.99 (opens in new tab) (or £17.99 (opens in new tab) if you’re UK-based). Meanwhile, those who’d prefer the screen-accurate shirt can grab it from Amazon for $32.99 (opens in new tab) or £15.99 in the UK (opens in new tab). While this isn’t strictly a baseball tee with shorter sleeves as per the show, it’s the closest you’ll get for now and is pretty decent on balance. You can also get something similar from Amazon for around $15.99 (opens in new tab), but we haven’t seen many user reviews yet so would advise approaching with caution.

If you’re happy to wait, you can actually back-order the true baseball-style Hellfire Club t-shirt from Hot Topic (opens in new tab) as well. While stock isn’t due to arrive until late August, you can at least get one eventually – which is more than many of us are able to say right now. Seriously, this thing is almost as difficult to find as a PS5 restock.

That’s certainly the situation across the pond. UK fans were able to pick up a Hellfire Club t-shirt from high street chain Primark for £10 (opens in new tab) (which was a steal no matter how you slice it), but it’s now unavailable online and most stores have run out. As such, the best screen-accurate version available to Brits is the one we mentioned earlier from Amazon for £15.99 (opens in new tab) (with £3.99 postage). We were a little wary at first because it’s from a third-party seller, but user reviews have been overwhelmingly positive so it’s worth a purchase nonetheless. If you’d prefer it as a short-sleeved tee, on the other hand, you can grab one for £13.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab).

Today’s best Stranger Things merch 

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Hellfire Club Raglan baseball tee | $32.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Men’s fit (opens in new tab)
Women’s fit (opens in new tab)
If you want the screen-accurate version of the Hellfire Club t-shirt, this is where to get it. The one being sold at Hot Topic (opens in new tab) is almost certainly better in terms of quality overall (as is the one with a gray background instead of white from Zavvi for $25.99 (opens in new tab)), but stock won’t be arriving until late August. As for the UK, you can get it for £15.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) or £23.99 from Truffle Shuffle (opens in new tab). Go get ’em.

UK price: £15.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

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Hellfire Club t-shirt | $22.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Men’s fit (opens in new tab)
Women’s fit (opens in new tab)
Youth fit (opens in new tab)
Yes, you can actually buy the official Hawkins High Hellfire Club t-shirt. And no, it’s not a knock-off. While it’s a shame there isn’t one with a white background at Amazon like the show, the logo on this tee is otherwise identical (and if you want a shorter tee with the white background, you can get it for $19.99 from Zavvi (opens in new tab)).

UK price: £17.99 at Amazon
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No matter which version of the shirt you end up with, they’re all great bits of Stranger Things merch. For starters, they’re not too showy about the connection to the TV show – there’s no distracting ‘Stranger Things’ logo emblazoned across the front to ruin the design, so you won’t feel like a walking billboard (though fans should still recognize and appreciate it right away). It’s also the perfect get-up for anyone settling in for a session with Dungeons and Dragons books or one of the best tabletop RPGs. Seriously, the Hellfire Club t-shirt is practically made for your next games night.

Just move fast if you find a good price. Now that Season 4 is back for Vol. 2, these shirts are bound to sell out again before the weekend is through. We’ve been burned by that before, so it’s probably a good idea to invest now if you want to avoid disappointment.

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