You can woohoo on the Ferris wheel in The Sims 4 High School expansion, if that’s what you’re into

The Sims 4 players will be able to woohoo on the Ferris wheel in the upcoming high school-themed expansion, EA has confirmed. 

After the High School Days expansion was revealed yesterday, many The Sims 4 fans were jumping for joy over all of the exciting new features coming to the game next month. Proms, sleepovers, cheerleaders, bubble tea, and body hair were just some of the new features that had fans counting down the days until the expansion’s release on July 28. 

One feature no one saw coming though was the new ability to take relationships to the next level whilst riding on the Ferris wheel that was featured in the expansion’s trailer. We can confirm though, that Sims will be able to woohoo on the Ferris wheel, although we can’t guarantee that it’s safe to do IRL. 

We know that this will be a feature in the upcoming expansion because one Twitter user known as @LoganGilgrist (opens in new tab) responded to the official The Sims 4 tweet and asked: “PLEASE tell me those hearts mean you can woohoo in that Ferris wheel.” It didn’t take long for the official account to respond (opens in new tab) to the curious fan with the answer: “They sure do!”

They sure do! 🎡😉🥰June 30, 2022

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This apparently wasn’t enough for some fans though who suggested a few other woohoo spots for the new fun fair location with some suggesting the likes of a tunnel of love ride (opens in new tab) and photobooths (opens in new tab) as other good spots to utilize this feature. 

Want to jump into EA’s simulation game when the High School Years expansion releases? Take a look at our how to get started in The Sims 4 guide for a head start. 

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