Youll see Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in 2022, but you wont play it

Alongside the title reveal for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf today, BioWare has confirmed that the game will not launch in 2022.

“We suspect you have questions and they’ll be answered in time,” BioWare says in a blog post (opens in new tab). “While the game won’t be releasing this year, we’re growing closer to that next adventure.” This makes official what industry insiders have been saying for months. Reporter and leaker Jeff Grubb suggests that you should expect the new Dragon Age to launch no sooner than the second half of 2023.

“Rest assured, Solas is placing his pieces on the board as we speak,” BioWare continues. “That’s all we have for now, but we hope knowing the official title has sparked some intrigue, as we’ll be talking more about the game later this year!”

EA has already confirmed that its EA Play Live event, which usually takes place around E3 season, won’t be going forward this year. Instead, the company said individual studios like BioWare will “reveal much more about these projects when the time is right for each of them.” Whatever BioWare has to show of Dreadwolf, it seems that reveal will be coming in 2022.

BioWare also provided a bit more context on what that Dreadwolf title means, and as Dragon Age fans probably know, it’s all about Solas, who was outed as the Dread Wolf at the end of Inquisition. Whether or not he’s actually Fen’Harel, the elven god of betrayal, is still up in the air, but BioWare says you don’t need to worry about those outstanding mysteries if you’re new to the series.

Mass Effect 5 reportedly won’t begin full development until 2023, so we’ve got a long wait ahead for BioWare’s other big RPG.

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