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Dune 2 officially delayed to 2024

Dune 2 has officially been delayed to 2024 after weeks of speculation. Per Variety, Warner Bros. announced Thursday that Dune 2 would be moved from its original November 3 release date to an unspecified date next year. This comes just a little more than a month after Variety reported that Warner Bros. had been considering …

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Dune 2 gets pushed back further into 2023

We’re not going back to Arrakis just yet. Dune 2 (or Dune: Part Two to give its official title) has been given a slight delay by Warner Bros. The studio has also added a new Godzilla vs. Kong movie onto its schedule. As per Variety (opens in new tab), Dune …

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Dune 2: Léa Seydoux joins cast as Lady Margot

Léa Seydoux is the latest A-lister to join the cast of Dune 2, Deadline (opens in new tab) reports. She’ll play Lady Margot, a member of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood. Seydoux joins Florence Pugh, Austin Butler, and Christopher Walken as newcomers to the franchise – Walken will play Emperor Shaddam …

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