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HBO Max renews Harley Quinn for season 4

Harley Quinn season 4 has been confirmed by HBO Max, meaning the animated adventures of the Clown Princess of Crime will continue after the season 3 finale drops in September. The news comes amid a slew of recent cancellations on the streamer, with some titles removed from the library entirely.  …

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X-Men: The Hellfire Gala gets a reality show style follow-up

The X-Men are expanding their presence on the Marvel Unlimited digital comics app with a pair of new stories spinning out of this summer’s X-Men: The Hellfire Gala one-shot, starting with a series of reality show style talking head interviews with characters reacting in real time to the events of …

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Mary Jane and Black Cat team up for a Dark Web tie-in series

There have been three significant romantic interests in Spider-Man’s life – the late Gwen Stacy (at least Earth 616’s Gwen), Felica Hardy AKA the Black Cat, and of course Mary Jane Watson (formerly Watson-Parker).  Now two of them are teaming up in a new limited series titled, appropriately enough, Mary …

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