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Best Xbox 360 games of all time

The best Xbox 360 games showcase just how many memorable and fantastic titles found a home on Microsoft’s console. To say the Xbox 360 was a huge success is no exaggeration. After first launching in 2005, the console went on to see close 90 million units, with an extensive library …

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BioShocks time period and setting may have been leaked

The next BioShock game will reportedly take place in a fictional Antarctic city.  Though only speculation at this time – so don’t take this as gospel just yet – Sacred Symbols (opens in new tab)‘ Colin Moriarty reports that the game returns to its 1960s roots, this time in a …

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Rumored BioShock remaster might be in testing at 2K

More evidence of a BioShock remaster has seemingly been uncovered through Steam. Over the past weekend, users on Reddit (opens in new tab) noticed that the SteamDB database entries for BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite had all been recently updated. Simply put, this means that some sort of internal …

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