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Rick and Morty season 6: Everything we know so far

We’ve known about Rick and Morty season 6 since 2018, when Adult Swim ordered 70 new episodes of the animated comedy. Based on the show’s tendency to release 10 episodes per series, this should take us all the way up until season 10. However, while it has been confirmed, we …

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Rick and Morty variants tease a sick summer

Rick and Morty are setting off on big adventures this summer, in two upcoming Oni Press titles: Big Dumb Summer Vacation, and Crisis on C-137. Newsarama readers get a sneak peek at special variant covers for each.  Debuting in July, Rick and Morty Presents: Big Dumb Summer Vacation #1 is …

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The best Rick and Morty episodes, ranked!

Almost a decade on, Rick and Morty is still a pop culture behemoth. From Pickle Rick to meltdowns over Szechuan sauce, everyone’s favorite portal-hopping duo have reinvented the sci-fi wheel (and deconstructed it) dozens of times over. But what is the best Rick and Morty episode? With season 7 just …

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