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The 20 best Matrix references in other movies and TV shows

Almost immediately upon its release in 1999, The Matrix changed pop culture forever. Red pills, blue pills, and bullet time entered our vocabularies almost instantaneously. The Matrix’s impact was so great that, invariably, its influences seeped into some of our favorite movies and TV shows, too. From playful jabs to …

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The best Matrix quotes of all time

It would be easy enough to fill this list of the best Matrix quotes entirely with soundbites from Morpheus, let alone just iconic lines from the first movie, making it almost difficult to narrow it down to just 30 from all three films. Whether it’s lines that have been referenced …

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The best The Matrix scenes, ranked!

Are you ready to take another trip down the rabbit hole? Thanks to the distinctive vision of the Wachowskis, The Matrix has become one of the most iconic sci-fi series of all time, with an entire generation of moviegoers discussing what’s real and what’s a simulation. Coupled with groundbreaking CGI …

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