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Yellowjackets season 3: everything we know so far

Yellowjackets season 3 is coming to our screens – at some point. We’re not sure when, exactly, as pre-production on the new season ground to a halt in May 2023 when the newly-opened writers’ room went on strike for better pay and working conditions as part of the WGA’s industrial …

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The 30 best true crime podcasts to kill your free time

The best true crime podcasts provide listeners with a minutely researched window into the darker side of society, telling us stories of crimes perpetrated by the bad guys against the innocent. And some, like number one in our list below, give the audience an insight into the injustices that can …

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Nope review: “A thrilled Yup! for Jordan Peeles latest”

A black screen. Sounds from a sitcom: peppy line readings, canned laughter. Then… crashing objects, thumps and grunts. Screams rise sharply and stop abruptly. An image comes into focus: a blood-smeared chimp. It sits on a set amid human corpses. The APPLAUSE sign is lit but the banks of chairs …

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