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Thor and Venom team up in July … nuff said

Just after pitting Thor against the other hero he’s writing in an ongoing series, the Hulk, writer Donny Cates is returning to Venom after a lengthy, redefining run on the symbiote anti-hero to bring Venom face-to-face with Thor in Asgard. But unlike in Hulk Vs. Thor: Banner of War in …

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The greatest Venom hosts of all time

Venom may have started out as one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains ever, but the original host of the sinister symbiote, Eddie Brock, has become a leading man and a hero in his own right, even headlining his own movie franchise. But Eddie’s not the only Venom in comic books – …

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Venom goes back to his glory days in Lethal Protector

Prepare for a ‘Venom: Year One’ style story in 2022, from the character’s co-creator David Michelinie, called Venom: Lethal Protector (opens in new tab).  (Yes, that’s right – the same name the first Venom (opens in new tab) series in 1993 went by – also written by Michelinie.) Working with …

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