Genshin Impact and Wordle are the most tweeted-about games of 2022 so far

Genshin Impact and Wordle were the most tweeted-about games for the first half of 2022.

That’s according to new data published yesterday on July 13 by Twitter (opens in new tab) itself. The company revealed there was roughly 1.5 billion tweets about gaming throughout the first half of 2022, and taking the top two spots about the most-tweeted games were Genshin Impact in pole position, and Wordle following close behind.

As for other western-facing games, in fourth place was the entire Final Fantasy franchise, and in sixth place was Apex Legends. Elden Ring took the seventh spot, while Fate/Grand Order took number eight on the list, Valorant took number nine, and The Legend of Zelda closed out the top 10 list in the final position.

In terms of countries around the world tweeting about games the most, eastern Asia dominated the list. Japan came in first place with the most tweets about video games, with the U.S. following behind in second place. Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia followed in third, fourth, and fifth place respectively, with the U.K. all the way back in ninth place.

Perhaps it’s not a surprise Genshin Impact has taken first place in the most-tweeted games of the year. miHoYo’s game has received numerous updates over the first half of the year so far, especially with the Genshin Impact 2.7 update, which was originally delayed and hotly anticipated by players around the world. There are even fan-made Genshin Impact movies that are so good, they’re getting their own film festival

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