Nintendo Switch is at the “middle of its lifecyle” as it surpasses Wiis lifetime sales

The Nintendo Switch is at the mid-point of its lifecycle, Nintendo has reiterated.

Earlier today, Nintendo published results for its latest financial briefing, including comments from president Shuntaro Furukawa. According to Bloomberg (opens in new tab), the Nintendo president commented that the Nintendo Switch is currently at the “middle of its lifecycle,” nearly five years after it first launched in 2017.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard comments like these from Nintendo. Back in December 2020, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser first said that the handheld console was in the middle of its lifecycle, additionally stating that the Nintendo Switch had actually changed the way that Nintendo views console lifecycles because of its extraordinary sales.

Elsewhere in the new financial briefing though, Nintendo revealed that the Switch is its best-selling home console of all time. The company reported that the Switch has now sold a combined 103.54 million units worldwide across all models, meaning it’s actually overtaken the staggering 101 million units that the Wii achieved back in the 2010s.

In fact, the Nintendo Switch has sold a combined 10 million units globally since September 2021. Considering that the Switch has been facing production difficulties due to the ongoing chip shortages around the world for many manufacturers, that’s an absolutely staggering figure, and really drives home just how much of a force the Nintendo Switch is in the global games industry at the moment.

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