Ted Lasso is reimagined as a horror movie in creepy spoof trailer

Ted Lasso and horror don’t seem to be a match made in heaven – but a spoof trailer has united the two to chilling effect.

Francis Siberini Films has transformed the sunny football comedy into a very dark movie, with a murderous Nate at the heart of the action (H/T boingboing.net (opens in new tab)). Making use of the first episode of season 2, which saw Dani Rojas accidentally kill a dog, as well as moments from the funeral of Rebecca’s father, and the episode Dr. Sharon Fieldstone was hit by a bike, the video gives an unnerving take on the world of Ted Lasso.

Nate has certainly taken a turn down a more villainous path as season 2 continues on Apple TV Plus, though naturally not to the extent of actual murder. In fact, Nate went as far as leaking the news of Ted’s panic attack at Wembley to Trent Crimm, and is still treating kit boy Will cruelly. Then there’s that quick exchange with Rupert at the funeral, which has yet to be explained…

Ted Lasso will soon air its season finale, and there’s a lot more left to wrap up beyond Nate’s storyline. Sam might be leaving the team for pastures new, Roy and Keeley have hit a serious bump in their relationship, and Richmond still need to qualify for promotion back to the Premier League. How this will all play out in the final episode is anyone’s guess.

We hopefully won’t have to wait long for more Ted Lasso once season 2 finishes, though, as the series is confirmed to be returning for a third season. Until then, check out the best Netflix shows streaming now to fill out your watchlist.

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