The best Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Spore Warden build

Of all the options, a good Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spore Warden build seems to be the top choice out of all the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands classes. That’s mainly because it comes with a Mushroom companion that will attack enemies with targeted, ranged and area of effect poison damage. However, its real strength comes from the fact that you can boost the damage it inflicts with certain skills and, combined with the fact you can focus on specific enemies by pinging them, turns it into a directed fungal homing missile that can take opponents apart for you. 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Spore Warden skills and build suggestions

tiny Tina spore warden

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The Spore Warden comes with 14 skills and two action skills, but for the sake of a strong build we’ll focus on the skills. That’s because there are some important ones that enhance and buff the mushroom companion, which is the main reason for picking this class.

These are all the Spore Warden Skills you can unlock and level up in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: 

  • Bounty of the Hunt – Active skill cooldown rate increased
  • Kindred Heart – Companion health and damage increased
  • Eagle Eye – Gun damage and handling increased
  • Affinity – Ability damage increased
  • Spore cloud – Companion releases a poison cloud that causes damage over time
  • Bullseye – Gun and companion critical hit chance increased
  • Quiver of Holding – Magazine size is increased
  • Medicinal Mushroom – When downed the companion will try to revive you, increasing damage for both if successful. 
  • Wind Runner – Movement speed and fire rate increased
  • Thrill of the Hunt – Critical hits increase companion damage
  • Called Shot – Aiming down sights gives you increased gun damage and resistance
  • Wrath of Nature – when inflicting ability damage on an enemy, that enemy takes more damage from all sources for a while
  • Headhunter – Gun damage dealt to critical hit areas is increased
  • Play the Angles – Critical hits have a chance to ricochet and deal reduced ability damage

If you’re playing Spore Warden for some mushroom back up then the two skills you’re really going to want to max out fast are Kindred Heart and Spore Cloud. Kindred Heart will increase your companion’s health and damage. While Spore Cloud is basically a huge poison fart that damages all the enemies in the area it ingulfs. Those two options obviously maximise the damage your mushroom can do right up front. 

tiny Tina spore warden

(Image credit: Take Two)

Another useful skill to build up up up is Thrill of the Hunt, which further increases your companion damage when you land critical hits. This skill can also stack up to 10 times, so if you can keep landing critical hits you can quickly turn your companion into a death dealing machine – just wrack up the headshots and tell it who to hurt. To maximise the effects here you’ll also want to boost your Dexterity in your Hero Points, which will increase your Critical Chance probability. 

That set up will make your Mushroom buddy a force to be reckoned with. There are also some less specific skills you’ll probably want to boost, like Eagle Eye and Affinity to boost your gun and ability damage overall. You might as well also add in Headhunter, which will increase critical damage seeing as you’ll be playing for as many Critical Hits as possible. The same goes for your Strength in hero points, which will also buff crit damage.  

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