US game reseller discovers hundreds of rare, sealed games in old storage facility

Hundreds of factory-sealed old Nintendo and SEGA games have been discovered inside a storage facility in Nebraska, America. 

Covering ‘80s and ‘90s console releases on Nintendo’s SNES,  and Sega’s Sega CD, Genesis, Saturn and the 3D0, the  vast collection was put in storage following the closure of a local games store in 1994. In something of a games reseller’s dream, Nebraska-based Gameroom (opens in new tab) discovered the collection, documenting the impressive haul in this video. As you can see, the duo’s newly acquired library comprises of everything from pristine copies of extremely rare games like Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger to the somewhat less desirable deluge of annual sport games.

Understandably, Gameroom stated that it won’t be posting any guesses alluding to the value of the collection, sensibly opting to wait until their newly acquired stock has been professionally valued and preserved. Still, if you take a quick look at Ebay or use US retro game evaluation site pricecharting (opens in new tab), it’s not hard to imagine the value of this vast library reaching the tens of thousands of dollars.

Other notable games hidden away in those cosy-looking crates were the ridiculously rare SSunset Riders (valued around £500/$750) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time ( which is valued around £1000/$1400)

27 years on from when they were initially placed in storage, it’s remarkable how well preserved many of these 16 bit classics are. It turns out, Storage Wars might not be entirely faked reality TV then after all. Who knew?

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