A group of MMO players are threatening an in-game strike to fix issues with their role

A group of MMO players are threatening to bring their grinding to a halt if their concerns over one of the game’s systems aren’t met.

Launched in 2017, Foxhole is a persistent online war in which each player can contribute directly to the war effort, whether through combat, espionage, or base-building. However, one group of players – Logistics – says it’s prepared to go on strike over its concerns, ruining the experience for everyone else.

The Logistics Organisation for General Improvement (L.O.G.I. (opens in new tab)) – a union-like organization – has penned an open letter to Foxhole developer Siege Camp which states that the players which represent the logistical player base will refuse to play logistics roles in the game, therefore harming players on the front line who depend on them for supplies and equipment, until the issues outlined in the letter are resolved. 

LOGI states that “the cumulative effects of changes made to other systems within Foxhole have increased the stress and responsibility placed on the Logistics player base,” and that “Foxhole should not have a gameplay experience that causes players this much frustration.”

The group’s concerns include complex, competitive, and “toxic” early game mechanics, “extremely tedious” stockpiling mechanics, and the prevalence of snowstorms right at the start of a war. Despite 1800 signatures asking for a response from Siege Camp by January 10, these concerns are yet to be addressed.

In an interview with NME, one L.O.G.I representative, known as Squashyhex, said: “We recognize that our organization obviously isn’t a ‘union’ in the traditional sense, we are very much a player advocacy group in essence, and our choice to play the game at all is obviously a choice. The reason we chose this route in the first place is that we care about the game and want to see it improve.” 

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