Xbox 360 Adidas shoes go on sale Thursday for $160

Adidas and Xbox have revealed their latest collaborative effort: a pair of Xbox 360-inspired sneakers that’ll go on sale tomorrow, November 4.

For Xbox’s 20th anniversary, the two companies announced their team-up last month with the reveal of shoes themed around the original Xbox, but those were only available as a free giveaway to a few lucky winners. This time around, you can actually buy Adidas’ Xbox shoes.

Launching in just a few hours time, these slick Xbox 360 shoes will be available from the Adidas website (opens in new tab) for $160. Due to limited supply, you’ll need to queue up in a virtual waiting room and wait your turn for a chance to put in an order.

The mid tops are rocking a subtle white/gray/green theme similar to the Xbox 360 console, and the design sports a number of callbacks and Easter eggs, like the disk drive on the strap, console air vents on the inner side, and memory card slots on the heel.

The reveal of the sneakers is its own trip down memory lane, split into a trailer seen through a mid-2000s-era CRT screen filter and a website (opens in new tab) themed around the Xbox 360’s distinctive interface. Though the fact that you need to use a QR code scanner to interact with the website diminishes the nostalgic effect somewhat. 

For the third and final Xbox x Adidas collab, on November 15 Microsoft will unveil yet another pair of shoes inspired by the Xbox Series X, apparently glossing right over the Xbox One entirely. The new-gen sneakers will be available for purchase “globally,” whereas the Xbox 360 shoes are only available to US and Canada-based shoppers.

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