After The Devil in Me, The Dark Pictures Season 2 “is coming for definite”

The first season of horror anthology The Dark Pictures is coming to an end later this year, but a second season is definitely on the way.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Tom Heaton, director of the fourth and final instalment of The Dark Pictures Season One, The Devil in Me, said that “Season 2 is coming for definite.” While Heaton couldn’t offer too much extra information, he did say that the team is “very excited” and that some elements of the current season will “carry forth.”

“Season 2 will be recognizably Dark Pictures games. We’re not going to do a dramatic shift away to something completely different. I can say improvements that we’ve made from game to game will continue into Season Two.”

For now, Heaton says that the team will “talk about [Season 2] when we’re ready to talk about it,” but the suggestion that a second season is “definite” is good news for horror fans, especially those who might have assumed that The Devil in Me might mark the final instalment of the anthology at large.

At the Future Games Show last night, Supermassive confirmed that the The Devil in Me release date is set for November 18 alongside a heart-stopping trailer for the new entry in the series. If you’re only just jumping in, however, you’re in for a pretty solid horror collection. Episode two, Little Hope, proved the most successful outing in our opinion – our four-star review described it as a “bewitching” sequel to the series’ debut outing that set impressive groundwork for the two follow-ups.

Here are some more of the best horror games to enjoy while you wait for The Devil in Me.

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