Al Pacino has a Shrek phone case and the internet is freaking out

Yep, you read that right.

A photo (opens in new tab) of Hollywood legend Al Pacino sitting down for dinner with Jason Momoa has gone viral after Twitter users noticed a collage of animated ogres on the back of the actor’s phone.

After producer Mari Bardi (opens in new tab)called for an investigation into “whatever the f**k” is on the back of Pacino’s phone case, she immediately realized that the case bore a striking resemblance to a Shrek iPhone case (opens in new tab) listed on Amazon.

God bless Al Pacino and his Shrek iPhone case. 10, 2022

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While some skeptics were quick to point out that the phone could belong to anyone sitting at that table, another photo (opens in new tab) appears to show the same phone case next to Pacino while chatting with Taika Waititi.

Regardless of confirmation, the Internet is delighted to learn that Tony Montana himself might be a super-fan of DreamWorks’s ogre-centered fairy tale comedy franchise.

al pacino has a shrek phone case one more reason as to why he’s a legend 10, 2022

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“How tf am I supposed to sleep tonight knowing Al Pacino has a Shrek iPhone case?” a Twitter user asked.

“Petition [to] make another Shrek movie but all the characters are voiced by Al Pacino,” one user (opens in new tab) said.

“Al Pacino uses a Shrek phone case. Legends respecting legends, love to see it,” tweeted (opens in new tab).

“It’s not right to be too interested in celebrities’ personal lives. Unless it’s about finding out whether Al Pacino has a Shrek phone case or not. Then it’s 100% right to be invested,” someone (opens in new tab) humorously remarked.

al pacino shrek phone case is life-shattering information i’m pretty sure a new epoch of my life has sired I’m a new womanApril 11, 2022

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Al Pacino himself has not yet confirmed whether the phone case belongs to him – but here’s hoping it does.

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