Al Pacino thinks Timothée Chalamet should replace him in Heat 2

Al Pacino has revealed who he thinks should replace him in Heat 2 – and the answer is Timothée Chalamet. The actor was asked about who he could see taking over the role of Vincent Hanna during a Q&A at Tribeca Film Festival and added: “He’s a wonderful actor.”

Released in 1995, Heat stars Robert De Niro as career thief Neil McCauley opposite Pacino’s LAPD detective. The movie depicts the conflict between the pair and the effect this has on both their personal and professional lives. Tom Sizemore, Jon Voight, and Val Kilmer also star. Mann has since co-written a novel that acts as both a prequel and a sequel to the events of the movie, which is due to be released this August. 

“It’s been my intention for a long time to do the further stories of Heat,” the director told Deadline (opens in new tab) earlier this year. “There was always a rich history or back-story about the events in these people’s lives before 1995 in Heat and projection of where their lives would take them after.”

There’s no word on a big-screen adaptation of the prequel-slash-sequel novel just yet, though, but the success of the first movie means a follow-up is likely. Mann hasn’t directed a movie since 2015’s Blackhat, an action thriller that stars Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis, but he recently directed the season premiere of the HBO Max series Tokyo Vice. 

While we wait for Heat 2 to make its way to the big screen, check out our guide to all the movie release dates in 2022. 

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