American Truck Simulator hides a message to the community deep in Wyoming

American Truck Simulator’s 1.45 update entered open beta today, and the community has already discovered an Easter egg hidden deep in a new area of Wyoming.

The 1.45 update introduces a “much-requested” new addition to Wyoming. The city of Cody and the US-14 highway serve as a sort of gateway to Yellowstone National Park – both in real life and now in the game.

After the beta went live, players found a brief message (opens in new tab) from developer SCS Software just to the west of the newly-added Cody, stuck on an LED traffic sign next to a lakeside parking area. “You’re welcome #BestCommunityEver”.

That hashtag is frequently used on SCS’s social media to refer to the game’s players. What are they “welcome” for? I’m guessing the free update for everyone that owns the Wyoming DLC.

There are a number of other additions in 1.45, including ownable tanker trailers – or “cistern trailers,” as the official blog (opens in new tab) calls them. The update also redesigns six of the fictional gas station and truck stop brands that have been in the game from the start. “Originally when we first designed these areas,” the devs explain, “we did not have the amazing team of dedicated 2D artists and talent at our disposal which we have now at SCS Software.”

Even better, the update adds a rain sensor option, so your windshield wipers will automatically adjust to the amount of rainfall – something I wish my actual car did. There’s also now an option to hide the giant yellow X marks that block off the roads you can’t access, for a more visually-pleasing way to drive.

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