Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ cursed Bunny Day event kicks off this weekend

Get ready for spring with Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Bunny Day event, which is set to kick off in earnest this weekend. 

The seasonal event officially began on April 10, with Zipper T. Bunny making his appearance across islands everywhere. For some, that means plenty of eye-rolling and annoyance until the event is over. Some folks aren’t the biggest fans (opens in new tab) of either Zipper or the event in general. Others can’t wait to collect eggs, new furniture recipes, and check out all the new stuff on offer. 

Bunny Day is a spring event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that acts as the equivalent of Easter. Ever since its debut in Animal Crossing: City Folk, it’s been hosted by Zipper T. Bunny, the much maligned animal in a bunny suit. As he continues to remind you, you shouldn’t keep looking at his back because, well, there’s a zipper there. 

Hello! Bunny Day is on a different date each year, so I thought I’d be sure to remind you that it’s on Sunday, April 17th this year. You’ll find eggs hidden all around your island starting today—I hope you have fun collecting them! 10, 2022

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Bunny Day is technically two weeks long, with a prep week leading up leading up to the actual event. On the Sunday ahead of Bunny Day, Zipper descends on player islands to inform everyone about the event and to offer the Bunny Day bed recipe. It’ll also be in the mail the next day if players fail to speak to Zipper. Then, Zipper hops back in for Bunny Day proper, to hand out prizes. 

You can start collecting hidden eggs around your island right now in a bid to cash them in later for prizes. You can find Leaf, Earth, Sky, Stone, and Water Eggs during your search across the island, which you can swap for event recipes to craft a gaggle of goodies. 

Additionally, you can get recipes and items before and on Bunny Day in addition to the bed recipe, like a Bunny Day Basket in exchange for eggs you’ve collected around the island. Want to go shopping? Check out Nook’s Cranny for new items from Timmy and Tommy daily, like a Bunny Day Tree or Bunny Day Candy. 

Not your cup of tea? It’ll be over soon, don’t worry. You can  collect eggs and recipes all the way up until the event ends on April 17. Or just stay away from the creepy bunny entirely, whatever you prefer. 

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