10 Happy Home Paradise cafe ideas for making it a cosy space to relax

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC doesn’t just add an entire archipelago worth of vacation homes to design, but also a selection of facilities. One of the earliest of these is a cafe for your vacationers to spend their mornings sipping tea and coffee before a hard day’s relaxing. 

The only thing you might run out of is Happy Home Paradise cafe ideas so we’ve done the hard work for you and gathered together some brilliant cafe inspirations that make the most of the new furniture and features. 

All a cafe really needs is a cash register, table, and chairs, and the rest is down to you. Just remember that to use your whole library of furniture from your home island, you need to have reached the end of the Happy Home Paradise DLC. Here are some of the best Happy Home Paradise cafe ideas. 

1. Make the most of plants  

proud_of_how_my_cafe_and_restaursnt_turned_out from r/AnimalCrossing

Plants can really bring your Happy Home Paradise cafe to life. This creation from acApricity uses plenty of green and pine wood to deliver a beautiful natural vibe. Plus, the use of hanging herbs and bright custom planters gives you all the joy of having plants but without having to worry about remembering to water them. The bar with the skyline view looks like a perfect seating spot, and the bare bulbs deliver a brilliant 21st-century look that we’d quite like to add to our own homes.    

2. Add atmosphere

the_hot_pot_cafe_is_officially_open from r/AnimalCrossing

It might seem vague to say to add atmosphere to your builds but it’s exactly what jxnnybxii88 on Reddit has done with what they’re calling their Hot Pot Cafe. Animal Crossing creations often err on the side of bright colours but this use of dark wood, and rich golds and browns really bring a sense of warmth to the room. Always remember to choose the more traditional cash register if you want to keep things classy. You don’t have to ruin the decor with a shiny touchscreen version if the room doesn’t ask for it. 

3. Don’t forget fast food 

fritas_fast_food_restaurant_with_a_playground_and from r/AnimalCrossing

Nothing beats a tasty sandwich and fries. As much as the Jocks back on your home island might try and convince you otherwise with their protein obsession. Morgiisan from Reddit has made the most of the tray-based foods and LED signs of the new update to build the ultimate classic fast food restaurant. Pop in a stack of matching diner furniture and bright lighting and this is the ideal locale for your vacationers to frequent at 1am after a long night watching for shooting stars on the beach. 

4. Think sweet 

ladur%C3%A9e from r/AnimalCrossing

If Laduree macarons take you to confectionary heaven then this recreation of the iconic French cafe might be all you need as inspiration for your own version. Acnh_Eliza on Reddit has nailed the sweet pinks of a luxurious Parisian bakery. The drapery-clad walls are a classy addition but the beautiful glass ceiling lights just take this room to the next level. Never underestimate the power of ceiling decor so make sure you always head into that section of the furniture menu to truly complete your cafe looks.   

5. Bring the outside, inside 

kitty_wanted_an_outdoor_cafe_but_indoors_i_think from r/AnimalCrossing

Elaine_Marley1 on Reddit actually designed this particular cafe for Kitty but it’s too good not to show off as a casual dining highlight. The use of the grassy floor and the brick feature wall for the kitchen are lovely touches but the recreation of bricks and mortar with the medieval building side is a stroke of genius. The whole thing is brought together beautifully with the use of party light arches to deliver an incredible ‘outdoor’ cafe where you’ll never have to worry about the rain.  

6. Go eclectic 

finally_finished_my_eclecticcluttered_cafe from r/AnimalCrossing

Why choose a Happy Home Paradise cafe theme when you can choose them all? It’s almost as if things looking eclectic IRL is actually just the result of someone not being able to find any matching furniture…. This hipster cafe from putmeinLMTH on Reddit has been carefully crafted to look just the right level of zany. The wall of AC clocks is a highlight but the true hero here is the Froggy Chair which gleefully has its own lily pad table. Instagram gold.  

7. Get cosy

i_changed_my_little_cafe_from_a_cute_diner_to_a from r/AnimalCrossing

There’s nothing quite like settling down with a magazine and a mug of hot chocolate as snow falls silently outside. xAsrhMc on Reddit has crafted the ultimate cosy retreat with a winter landscape through the ‘windows’ and plenty of furniture in warm colours. They’ve thought of everything. Not only is there a magazine rack bursting with readables that mean your vacationers won’t want to leave anytime soon but also an umbrella stand to make sure no one drags melted snow everywhere when they head inside to sit down. 

8. Think drinks

my_cafe_was_inspired_by_1950s_drugstore_soda_jerks from r/AnimalCrossing

Of course, there’s tea and coffee available in the food and drinks menu but don’t miss the other delicious juices and smoothies on offer as you scroll through the furniture menu. Potionwitch on Reddit has the right idea with this drugstore-inspired soda fountain-packed cafe. They’ve made the most of kitchen counters and even customized the color of the wood on each one to make them look like different pieces of furniture entirely. Add in the bar stools and we can almost hear an Elvis Presley track playing on the jukebox. Sorry… KK Rock, obviously. 

9. Recreate other in game retreats

what_do_you_guys_think_of_my_7th_heaven_cafe_from from r/AnimalCrossing

If in doubt, turn your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise cafe into an iconic eatery from another game. Kyootzy on Reddit has done just that with this reconstruction of Final Fantasy’s 7th Heaven Cafe. Who needs to go to Midgar when you can just fly to work? Other in-game cafes to think about could be the Hi-Hat Cafe from Detective Pikachu, or even one of the many cafes or coffee shops from the Yakuza series. Whatever you create, always remember to head into the lighting menu to make sure the hue matches the furnishing. 

10. Could this BE a better cafe design? 

i_recreated_central_perk_from_friends_as_my_cafe from r/AnimalCrossing

Get ready to drink enormous bowls of coffee, sing Smelly Cat at the top of your lungs, and finally try and work out what Chandler’s actual job is. Yep, Central Perk is open for business. This perfect recreation of the iconic coffee house from Friends is by llier on Reddit who has mixed up Happy Home Paradise’s furniture ranges to create that unique New York vibe. With Phoebe’s guitar ready to go and the studio lights on the ceiling, it looks like Courtney Cox and co are due to arrive any minute. Hey Brewster, how YOU doin…?   

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