10 Happy Home Paradise school ideas to help you educate your villagers

Being put in charge of creating a classroom from scratch in Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s new DLC, Happy Home Paradise, is a pretty daunting task. There are young minds at stake, after all. But, with such brilliant ideas floating around online there’s bound to be something that going to spark some inspiration. 

We’ve gathered together 10 awesome Happy Home Paradise school ideas to help you build a space where you can educate your villagers. All of these are themed around specific subjects or activities, so they’re a great place to start on your educational establishment adventures. 

Magic School

finished_my_magic_academy_school from r/AnimalCrossing

Reddit user DarkDesertFox (opens in new tab) has taken us all the way to Hogwarts with their Magic Academy idea, and the attention to detail is amazing. They’ve used the new cauldron item to really bring the room together, which is a DIY recipe that was added with Update 2.0 that can be found on random Kapp’n islands, or the Happy Home Paradise archipelago itself.  We love the fact they’ve set the uniforms as robes and having Julian the unicorn as the teacher couldn’t be more perfect. 

Law Library

im_applying_to_law_school_so_i_made_my_school from r/AnimalCrossing

We love the non-traditional layout of this school-room, which is from Reddit user yellowplumbob (opens in new tab), who’s applying for law school right now. The idea of using the required teacher’s desk as a sideboard over by the wall to add extra surfaces for details is a nice touch. We also love the different learning zones in this space, from sofas and fire for reading heavy texts to cushions on the floor with a whiteboard for brainstorming. 

School of Rock

i_made_my_school_into_the_school_of_rock_in_happy from r/AnimalCrossing

Reddit user KatieCallaCove (opens in new tab) has brought the classroom of Mr. Schneebly to life with her schoolroom effort. They’ve paid excellent attention to the items featured in the film, from the maths on the chalkboard to the skeleton and arrangement of the instruments. However, it won’t guarantee your villagers turn into a really great rock band. 


went_for_a_more_greendale_look_with_my_school from r/AnimalCrossing

In another case of bringing TV and movies to life, Reddit user jibler (opens in new tab) has used the Happy Home Paradise facility to recreate the iconic study group room from TV show, Community. Of course, anyone who watched the show knows that not much actual learning happens in that space, but lifelong friendship were forged nonetheless. #sixseasonsandamovie

Ancient History

its_time_to_go_to_school_ra798436110821 from r/AnimalCrossing

Moving away from recreations, this amazing ancient history / archeology-themed classroom looks like a real-life museum of learning. This one is from Reddit user VitalyOrion (opens in new tab), and they’ve made great use of fossils and dark woods to nail the feel of the space. There’s even a little gyroid lurking in the corner, which will no doubt start many an intellectual conversation. Where do they come from?

Theatre School

introducing_to_you_eugenes_school_of_theatre from r/AnimalCrossing

It’s the simplicity that’s key with Reddit user austincashauntry (opens in new tab)‘s creation. It’s lack of overall clutter brings your eye to the stage as you’d hope for such a room, while the props that are there just heighten that sense of focus. You can just imagine walking in to find someone practising their next monologue. 

Science Lab

A science classroom built in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

(Image credit: Nintendo)

One of our own creations, there are just too many awesome new lab-adjacent new items in Update 2.0 and Happy Home Paradise to ignore. They’re so perfect for creating a science-themed classroom we just couldn’t resist. From the shelves with glowing moss jars to robot arms and the huge testing tube, there’s so many items to really bring your experiment zone to life.

Herbology Class

Changed my school and wanted to make it look like a herbology class 🌱💚 #acnh #ACNHDesign #acnhinspo #acnhhhp #HappyHomeParadise #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizions pic.twitter.com/7gV7GLOut1November 26, 2021

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We can’t get over just how lush this classroom creation from Twitter user @hollowsplays is. Every element of this space nails that magical herbology theme, which could also easily pass for a botanist’s classroom. Although the cauldron-like pots may give away the slightly more fantastical dabblings. 

Culinary School

acad%C3%A9mie_du_bon_fromage_culinary_school_is_now_in from r/AnimalCrossing

From plant-life to food, this amazing culinary creation from Reddit user ChemicalRide (opens in new tab) is not only a great reaction of a kitchen-based classroom but also a fantastic use of space. The use of the new wooden partitions is perfect for creating a space for budding chefs to hang their bags and coats, while putting two back to back is a good use of space for placing those added details. 

Gamer Academy

Welcome, nerds, to GAMER SCHOOL.#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/pboCmeDWOeNovember 27, 2021

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And last but not least, how could we ignore this creation from Twitter user @tharook (opens in new tab)? This gaming space is the perfect classroom for future esports pros to train, under the watchful eye of teacher. Honestly, could that gaming station be anymore perfect?

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