Are the gaming deals for Prime Day actually any good?

Unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid Amazon’s carpet bomb-style advertising about the sale, you might be wondering if there are actually any good gaming deals for Prime Day. Isn’t it just about shifting Kindles and Echo Dots? As it so happens, no. Well, kind of. It’s a yes and no sorta thing.

Sure, Amazon’s event has always emphasised price cuts for its own products. It’s why you can guarantee the biggest overall discounts going to Alexa or Fire Sticks (for instance, you can currently save up to 60% on devices with Alexa installed (opens in new tab)). But that’s not the whole picture. Alongside masses of reduced tech, gaming deals make up a significant chunk of the Prime Day savings. So long as you know where to look, you can even find some hidden bargains with the Prime Day gaming deals

On the cheap

Bengoo G9000 promo shot

You might be wary of cheaper gaming products on Amazon, but Prime Day discounts can get you some real gems (Image credit: Bengoo)

First up is affordable third-party gear. Although they won’t win any prizes for quality, you can be sure of getting cheap headset gaming deals during Prime Day. As an example, the Bengoo G9000 headset has already tumbled by 56% to $21.99 (opens in new tab). Is it any good? I’d gone in with my expectations fairly low based on the price and its love of sticking RGB lighting on every available surface, but a quick glance through many of its 9,800+ user reviews revealed that it’s surprisingly OK. Indeed, 67% of customers gave it a full five stars. It has its flaws, but that sort of feedback speaks volumes. And for just over $20? You can’t go wrong. This is very much the tip of the iceberg, so it’s worth having a quick browse through these budget options just in case you strike gold.

The biggest and best offers that you’ll really care about are on games themselves

Naturally, Amazon’s own gaming kit is also significantly cheaper than normal. Take the Luna range of controllers. These devices (and bundles that pair them with Fire HD tablets) have been reduced by up to 36% (opens in new tab) in total. These offers appeared a full four days before the Prime Day video game deals even began, and while they won’t hold up to the tried-and-true Xbox Series X handset or PlayStation’s DualSense, they make good controllers to use with your mobile device and Game Pass streaming.  


Elden Ring

Games get the lion’s share of reductions, and Elden Ring has already had its price cut (Image credit: FromSoftware)

However, the biggest and best offers that you’ll really care about are on games themselves. Heavy-hitters for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch always get the lion’s share of reductions, and these deals are often on the sort of thing you’d actually want. Last year we saw savings on everything from Returnal to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and I’d expect a similar price cut with 2021 games this time around. That means Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Deathloop, and Far Cry 6 are candidates for a discount. In fact, Far Cry has already been cut right down to $19.99 on PS5 (opens in new tab). Considering the fact that it was one of 2021’s most anticipated releases, that’s wild.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky with more recent launches, too. Namely, 2022 critical darling Elden Ring has hit its lowest ever price on Xbox – you can pick it up for an impressive 24% less (opens in new tab). Hopefully, more headliners from this year will join it soon. 

It’s worth having a quick browse through these budget options just in case you strike gold

As such, you should absolutely be keeping an eye out for gaming deals during Prime Day this July. There’s a good opportunity to save on quality peripherals, games, and beyond, so don’t sleep on it.

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