Ark 2, which well remind you has Vin Diesel riding a T-Rex, launches 2023

Ark 2 has a new trailer that shows Vin Diesel riding atop a Tyrannosaurus rex and reveals a 2023 release window.

In case you chalked up your memory of the first Ark 2 trailer revealing Vin Diesel as a main character as some sort of testosterone-fueled fever dream, this latest trailer will pinch you back to reality. Ark 2 really does star Vin Diesel as a shirtless dino hunter, and honestly it’s hype as hell. The action movie star seems to have tamed a massive T-Rex, decked it out in armor, and trained it to stomp around the world at his command, which just looks like exactly the Ark sequel we didn’t know we needed.

Though, to be completely objective, the badassery going on in the trailer is a brilliant façade for what’s actually a bit of bad news at the end: the game’s been delayed to 2023. Microsoft set a 2022 launch window back when it was released, though after two years of pandemic-related work challenges, we can’t blame Studio Wildcard for needing a little more time than originally anticipated.

As a “console launch exclusive” Xbox game, Ark 2 will launch only on Xbox Series X/S and PC, but Wildcard hasn’t ruled out a future launch on PS5. Since the first Ark game had some success on PS4, it certainly wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see the follow-up release on PS5 eventually. 

Elsewhere during today’s Xbox show, we finally got the long-awaited Starfield gameplay reveal. Hungry for more? Here’s everything else that was announced.

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