Assassins Creed 3 Homestead missions and upgrading Davenport Homestead

The Assassin’s Creed 3 Davenport Homestead is a special base of operations that you can upgrade and enhance via various Homestead missions taken through memory sequences. By doing these, you’ll get craftspeople and artisans to improve and upgrade your homestead buildings and land, as well as filling in story details and providing rewards. 

If you’re worried about these extra side missions becoming a time sink, that’s not an issue – some can be beaten quickly and easily, though that doesn’t make them any less interesting to do. The Homestead missions normally follow on from each other, so keep going with them until no more are available for your current memory sequence – but more will then become available as you progress through the story. To help you out we have a complete breakdown of all 37 Homestead missions, to ensure that you fully construct your Homestead and are able to acquire a new uniform at the end of it all.

Sequence 5

Training Begins

For this mission, you’ll be introduced to Faulkner the ship captain as well as how to use the accounting ledger to send caravans and to craft items. This is a story mission so unlike the rest of the Homestead missions, you won’t need to go looking for it.

Silent Hunter
Reward: Furs, Herbs, and other hunting goods
Location: Homestead

For this mission, you will be introduced to Myriam, the Huntress who lives in the forest. She will tell you that she was shot by poachers and you take it upon yourself to clear them off your land. Here you will be given the opportunity to use the rope darts and take out the poachers from atop the trees. Once you have killed them as you see fit, return to Myriam inside the manor and you will now have her as part of your Homestead.

River Rescue
Reward: Lumber Craftsmen
Location: Homestead

Just outside the manor, you will get approached by a logger who will ask you to help his friend who has fallen into the river. You will need to try to catch up to him before he hits the waterfall, and if you feel like being extra awesome, you can try and do it without touching the water. Race along the waterside to get ahead of his position and look for the first opportunity where you can use a log to get above the river. Wait for him to come to you and you will grab him and save him. You will now have Terry and Godfrey as lumberjacks on your Homestead. Once the mission is complete, you will also be able to start on other Homestead missions where the icon appears.

The Whittlers Weapons
Reward: Crates and Barrels
Location: Homestead

When you reach the next Homestead mission marker, you will find Lance being hung from a cliff by his ankles. Climb up and take out the enemies there to save him. Once you do, he will explain how he came to be dangling off the side of a cliff and you will offer him to set up shop on the Homestead.

The Abused
Reward: Farmers
Location: The Frontier

You will find this mission in the Frontier – one of the few Homestead missions that start outside of the Homestead. When you find Warren and Prudence being roughed up by guards, help them out by defeating the group and like the rest of the people you have helped so far, you will offer them a place on your Homestead for them to set up their wares.

Prudence’s Primrose
Reward: Vegetables and Farm Produce
Location: Homestead

Now that Warren and Prudence have set up their farm you’re your land, it seems that Prudence has gone off wandering and Warren is worried about her. To find her you’ll need to follow the clues to her location. Go to each of the large green circles on the map and then use eagle vision to easily spot the clues. Once you have found three of them, you will then need to save Prudence from an approaching bear. Save her and she will then tell you why she was out wandering alone.

Burglar on the Homestead
Reward: Walnut Lumber
Location: Homestead

When you reach the mission marker for this activity, a woman will rush up to you and ask for help that a man is trying to break into her home. Approach the house and the burglar will then flee. Give him chase and when you are close enough, simply pull out your gun and shoot him down to quickly and easily end the mission.

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