Award-winning puzzle game Monument Valley is heading to PC in a new collection

Award-winning puzzle game Monument Valley is releasing on PC in the form of a new collection. 

Developer ustwo games has announced today that its iconic mobile game Monument Valley is coming to PC via Steam (opens in new tab). The two collections – Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition and Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition – will also include all of the DLC released for each of the games.

Each game in the collection has been reworked to now include stunning visuals that have been expanded from the original portrait view into an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio. In the game, players are tasked with solving a number of puzzles to help main characters Ida and Ro through their journeys of self-discovery by manipulating architecture, finding hidden paths, and more.  

If you now fancy giving the BAFTA award-winning games a try, you have the choice of purchasing just the first game in the Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition (opens in new tab) for £6.99/$7.99, the second game Monument Valley 2: Panoramic Edition (opens in new tab) for the same price, or both collections in a bundle with a 15% discount on Steam. 

In a behind-the-scenes video (opens in new tab) talking about the development of the new collection, programmer at ustwo games Kirsty Keatch spoke about the challenges that come with porting a mobile game to PC, explaining that the team had to take into consideration the differences between touch controls and more precise mouse interaction. 

Appearing in the same behind-the-scenes video, senior programmer Gianluca Vatinno addressed the bigger field of view in this version of Monument Valley adding: “There’s something so charming about having all this extra room to play with in the Panoramic Edition.”

If this wasn’t enough to convince you to try out these games on PC, what if we told you that ustwo games is also responsible for fellow relaxing games Alba: A Wildlife Adventure and Assemble With Care? 

Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 have also been downloaded a combined total of more than 100 million times and won 29 awards – including BAFTA British Game Award 2015 and the Game Awards Best Mobile Game 2017. 

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