Barry season 4: Bill Hader on whether the new season will be the shows last

Barry star Bill Hader – hot on the heels of that explosive season 3 ending – has spoken about the show’s future in a new interview.

Given the air of finality permeating recent episodes, Variety (opens in new tab) asked Hader whether it’s teed Barry season 4 up to be the show’s farewell.

“I don’t know. We’re still figuring that out,” Hader said. “Every season we’ve done of the show, people have said ‘No, don’t do another one.’ We did season 1, I remember The New York Times said, like, ‘Don’t ever do another episode.’ Every season people go ‘No more!’ I don’t know. We just take it scene by scene, and if it makes sense for it to end, it’ll end.”

While Barry’s future is unclear in that sense, Hader’s continued creative input on the show is not. After helming nearly half of Barry’s 24 episodes so far, Hader will be in the director’s chair for every episode in the fourth season.

On the change, Hader explained, “Well, I love directing, and I think I’ve just gotten more confident at it. And I asked [director Alec Berg] about it. And he was like, ‘Yeah, why don’t you do that?’ So I think it was just having a very clear vision of what the show is from the get go, and I think so much of it is people trying to interpret my ideas of how things should play out.”

Given how instrumental Hader has been in bringing home Barry’s biggest moments, that will be music to the ears of everyone’s favorite hitman-turned-wannabe-actor. Need something to fill the Barry-shaped hole in your life? Here are the most exciting new TV shows coming your way in 2022 and beyond.

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