Battlefield 2042 grapple exploit turns soldier into Spider-Man

A Battlefield 2042 player has discovered a way to grapple around the entire map, Spider-Man style.

In a clip uploaded to Reddit, Battlefield 2042 player Giroux123 showed themselves moving around the map seriously quickly. An impressive combination of jumps and slides allowed the player to get down a slope at pace, but the real star of the show is the grappling hook. While the Orbital map isn’t as built-up as other locations, Giroux123 found another way to get around.

Repeatedly grappling to the power lines that stretch across the map – effectively cancelling the animation to remove the tool’s cooldown – the player combos together those aforementioned jumps and slides, covering a huge amount of distance in a matter of seconds.

While it’s a pretty showy trick, the community doesn’t seem entirely impressed. The dangers of connecting a grappling hook to a power line aside, Giroux123 themselves suggests that they don’t expect the trick to last until the game’s full launch in November. In the comments beneath that post, other players say they hope DICE tackles movement tricks like this, as the Battlefield series doesn’t traditionally allow for this kind of player movement. Some members of the community have taken things to the extreme, with some spending the open beta weekend uncovering the ability to bunnyhop at speed across the game.

Of course, other players are trying out some very different tricks, including one Battlefield 2042 player who pulled off a long-range sniper shot while using a recorder as their controller.

With the beta over, here are the best fps games you can use to keep your eye in. 

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