Battlefield 2042 will use Fortnite anti-cheat as part of “no tolerance” policy

Battlefield 2042 will utilise the same anti-cheat software as Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Star Wars Squadrons.

As part of the new Battlefield 2042 community charter, EA confirmed that “Easy Anti-Cheat will be in place for both the Open Beta […], and for the full release of Battlefield 2042 this November.” If that anti-cheat software sounds familiar, that could be because its creator is Epic Games, which means it helps keep Fortnite free of cheaters, as well as titles like Gears 5 and Apex Legends.

EA says that one of the perks of Battlefield 2042’s anti-cheat “is that due to cross-play functionality, when a cheater is sanctioned it will cause them to be instantly disconnected mid-match and permanently banned across all platforms.” The company also says that it will also apply IP and hardware bans if necessary, and that its “no tolerance rule” means that there are “no warnings and no suspensions when it comes to cheating. If you don’t play by the rules, you’re out.”

The team also states that “ensuring Fair Play and combating modern cheating solutions is an ongoing commitment that doesn’t end at launch,” and that it’ll be continually investing in anti-cheat solutions after Battlefield 2042 arrives on November 19.

The Battlefield 2042 beta dates kick off next week. Officially, the open beta runs from October 8 to October 9, but if you’ve pre-ordered the game, you’ll get twice as long to play. Pre-load begins on October 5 for everyone, but pre-order customers will be able to play from October 6 until beta servers close for good on October 10. 

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