Best Buy RTX 30 series restock confirmed today – heres where

An RTX 30 series restock is happening at select Best Buy (opens in new tab) stores in the US this morning, starting from 7:30am local time. This will be for in-store purchases only

After rumors abounded in social media earlier this week, it has now been confirmed by the retail chain and shoppers can try their luck at bricks and mortar stores to get their hands on one of a limited number of RTX 30 series GPUs (at select locations. 

Importantly, it’s not a total guess as to which stores will have it: Best Buy has released a full RTX 30 series store tracker (opens in new tab) on its website by state and location, so if you live close to any of the participating stores, don’t delay! 

If you’ve been wanting to know where to buy an RTX 3060, find RTX 3070 stock, or RTX 3080 stock, as well as other best graphics card contenders, then today could finally mean an end to your long and storied search. 

How this RTX 30 series restock event works isn’t unlike what we’ve seen with PS5 restock or Xbox Series X restock events happening at certain Best Buy locations recently. At 7:30am, at the small number of stores, employees will hand out paper tickets (limited to one per customer), which will be a ‘guaranteed opportunity’ to go in and buy an RTX 30 series graphics card when the doors open at 8am – and will be possible while stocks last.

Now, according to certain photos and videos circulating on social media, the Best Buy RTX 30 series restocks aren’t exactly the quietest of affairs, as some exteriors of stores have been populated by patient shoppers willing to spend hours queuing ahead of store opening times.

That’s why it’s important to get down to your local Best Buy store sooner rather than later, as no one wants to leave empty-handed, especially when some models of GPU have been basically completely unavailable for an entire year now. We recommend checking in with the stock checker and making a trip out as soon as possible to avoid any potential disappointment.

It’s also worth reiterating that what RTX 30 series restocks are available is going to be incredibly limited, with some Best Buy stores carrying fewer than 15 RTX 3080 video cards, so if you’re after a higher-end GPU, keep your expectations tempered and be patient upon arrival.

RTX 30 series restock

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Best Buy RTX 30 series restock 

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RTX 30 series | Check Best Buy (in-store) (opens in new tab)
It isn’t quite confirmed as to how many RTX 30 series graphics cards will be available yet at any particular Best Buy stores, but it’s absolutely worth seeing if a store near you is carrying the GPUs and making the trip out now, as it’s unlikely that an event of this scale will happen again any time soon. 

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RTX 30 series restock

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RTX 30 Series restock: buying advice

Turn up early: We touched upon this above, but it’s highly likely that there will be long lines, and even longer wait times, when 7:30am rolls around, especially in the areas with larger store locations. Because of this, we advise checking to see if a store near you has the RTX 30 series GPUs and heading out as early as you possibly can. 

Payment information: It’s incredibly important that whatever method of payment that you intend to use (credit/debit card, cash, etc.), is in your hands and ready to go when those doors open, as you aren’t guaranteed an RTX 30 series graphics card just for entering the store, so those few potential seconds (or even minutes) of scrambling to find your wallet and sort payment could be the difference between success and disappointment today.

Be prepared: Considering how uncommon in-store RTX 30 series restocks have been this year, it’s worth reiterating how important it is to know which graphics card that you want to buy, as you’re very unlikely to be able to have more than one attempt at a particular model. In other words, if you’re pining after an RTX 3060 Ti or an RTX 3070, over the high-end models, make sure that those are the cards you turn your attention towards once inside. 

If you happen to be unsuccessful in today’s Best Buy RTX 30 series restocks, then hopefully you can try again when the Black Friday graphics card deals and Cyber Monday GPU deals are upon us this winter. 

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