Bethesdas biggest Elder Scrolls game has a free remake you can play right now

Fan-made remake Daggerfall Unity now has a simple, easy installer you can download and play for free right now.

Daggerfall Unity – GOG Cut (opens in new tab) is available right now at that link. CD Projekt’s PC gaming store partnered with YouTuber GamerZakh to put the package together. The GOG Cut bundles Daggerfall Unity and some of its most popular mods into a single installer, so you play without the hassle.

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall launched back in 1996, and it remains Bethesda’s biggest game to date – at least in terms of scale. The procedurally-generated world features 15,000 cities, villages, and dungeons, and over 750,000 NPCs. (The map of the original Elder Scrolls game, Arena, is technically bigger, but it’s far less dense with content.)

While Daggerfall remains a staggering achievement in the Bethesda pantheon, its combination of age and complexity have made it challenging for many players to return to.

Fans have been working on porting the game to Unity for years, and while Daggerfall Unity technically remains unfinished, it’s already the best way to play the game on modern machines – especially with a selection of mods installed.

Bethesda made the first two Elder Scrolls games free years ago, and they’ve recently been released on Steam, as well. The publisher seems keen to keep Daggerfall in particular in the public eye, as Todd Howard has referenced it in describing Starfield’s 1000 planets. (Starfield’s also bringing back Daggerfall’s mortgages, so enjoy the highs and lows of home ownership, folks.)

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