Better Call Saul ruins a major Breaking Bad surprise in its final season

Better Call Saul has confirmed the return of two Breaking Bad characters ahead of its final season premiere.

Yes, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are back as Walt and Jesse respectively in Better Call Saul season 6. The news was revealed on Twitter, though not everyone was happy at the news being spoiled ahead of time. One wrote (opens in new tab): “Why would you tweet this and ruin a huge surprise for viewers? Come on.”

They’re coming back. #BetterCallSaul 10, 2022

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It’s not yet known in what capacity Walt and Jesse will appear. Walt’s story ended definitively in Breaking Bad (some years after the events depicted in Better Call Saul), while Jesse probably won’t be in close proximity to Saul/Gene given how El Camino ended. A flashback to the pair’s first meeting with Saul, then, could be on the cards.

The show’s co-creator, Peter Gould, addressed Walt and Jesse’s return during Better Call Saul’s PaleyFest panel (H/T Variety (opens in new tab)).

“I don’t want to spoil things for the audience, but I will say the first question we had when we started the show was, ‘Are we gonna see Walt and Jesse on the show?’ Instead of evading, I’ll just say yeah,” Gould said. “How or the circumstances or anything, you’ll just have to discover that for yourself, but I have to say that’s one of many things that I think you’ll discover this season.”

This also continues Better Call Saul’s long tradition of sprinkling in characters from the wider Breaking Bad universe. Mike and Gus are major players in the AMC prequel series, while Hank, Hector, and Tuco have all made appearances.

Better Call Saul returns for its final 13 episodes on April 18. Season six will be split into two, with the second half airing from July 11. If you need something to watch in the interim, check out our curated list of the best Netflix shows.

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