Blizzard is hiring for an unannounced open world game that sounds a bit like Fallout

Blizzard’s next new game could be an open-world RPG with FPS mechanics, according to a new job listing.

The role, spotted by Exputer (opens in new tab), states that the studio is looking for an associate content designer for an unannounced project. While there’s no exact word on what that project might look like, the listing offers a few important clues. The job asks for someone who can design and implement “new events and open-world content,” and who has an “understanding of RPG reward mechanics.”

An added benefit would be a candidate who had “previous design experience for online/multiplayer games” or “experience working on an FPS game.” While World of Warcraft might fit the bill as an online RPG that could easily be adapted to an open-world format, the potential inclusion of FPS ideas makes the project sound more like something out of Fallout’s Wasteland than Warcraft’s Azeroth.

Blizzard does, of course, already have an FPS in the form of Overwatch. An unannounced RPG with shooter mechanics might fit that world quite well, but with Overwatch 2 still missing in action, the developer could also be looking at something entirely new.

This could be the same project that was revealed back in March, which pointed to an “unannounced AAA multiplayer” title. Job listings for that role asked for designers with “extensive player experience with FPS and action games,” and a level designer to make “epic, memorable worlds.” With hiring only beginning in earnest on this title earlier this year, however, it could be a while until we find out for sure.

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