Hearthstone players arent happy with its new $25 card: “Half the price of Elden Ring”

Blizzard is charging a real-world $25 for a single Hearthstone card, and the community isn’t having any of it.

As first picked up on by PC Gamer (opens in new tab), the new diamond card for orc shaman Drek’Thar is stirring up quite a chatter over in online Hearthstone communities, chiefly because it costs 25 real dollars, but also because the only way to add it to your collection is to buy it with gold or real money. Usually, when Blizzard comes out with new diamond cards, they’re bundled into an expansion or unlocked when you collect every legendary card from a set. Not this one though.


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I’m as much as a whale as anyone but there’s no fuckin way I’m spending $35CAD on a card. This is ridiculous. pic.twitter.com/P0zyywMOuWApril 5, 2022

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“Holy fuck. $25 for a single diamond card,” reads a post from oneseventwo (opens in new tab) on the Hearthstone subreddit, which is packed with similar sentiments. 

“Yeah, no. I hate it,” OneCartographer3641 (opens in new tab) said.

“I would pay $2-3 for that,” offered byuballer2 (opens in new tab).

“No thanks. They can keep it. I’m not going to reward greed with my hard-earned money,” user RXD_Titan (opens in new tab) wrote. To put it another way, “This single card is half the cost of Elden Ring,” EwokNuggets (opens in new tab) pointed out. “This is gross and I don’t like it.”

For the uninitiated, diamond cards are essentially just regular cards with purely cosmetic differences like 3D animations and a nifty border. They offer no advantages in gameplay whatsoever, and I reckon if they did, there would be a significantly more heated debate going on right now.

While they’re undoubtedly in the minority, some folks are fine with the pricy card. As mentioned earlier, you don’t necessarily have to fork up real-world money for the card; you can also buy it with gold, Hearthstone’s in-game currency which you can earn by playing the game and completing quests. “I don’t get the hate. It’s a free-to-play game charging for a skin on a card they gave you for free, and you can get it using in-game currency,” opines WickerBasement.

If you just can’t get enough of the cards, here are some games like Hearthstone to check out.

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